How can a 15 year old make money?

Well I was randomly looking through yahoo answers and I came to this question about how to make money when you’re 13. One of the answers was "make web designs and sell them". How can a 15 year-old do that? And is it possible for someone of that age to do that? *please, SERIOUS answers only*
ok so I’m guessing I’m not gonna get very many good answers on this question considering how most of you say "prostitution". WOW that’s VERY mature. -.-

not too many serious answers!
a fifteen year old can make money doing LOTS of stuff, things people generally don’t want to do themselves or just don’t have time for… you can advertise for FREE on craigslist or the bulletin board at your local grocery store, gym, church, school etc…

you can work with animals: walking the dog or running the dog or cleaning up the "doggie doo" in the yard, ive pet baths; even pet sitting for dogs, cats and other critters…

you can do physical labor that people can’t or don’t want to do such as: shovel snow in the winter, clean garages and attics, take out trash for the elderly, weeding gardens in the spring, helping people move…

if you’re creative: you can make crafts and sell them online on free sites like craigslist or etsy; you can scrap book or arrange photo albums for people (no one ever has time for that!); you can do websites for people if you know how or have a program to do that… or you could charge a small fee to fix up mysace pages for other kids or photoshop their photos for them.

so there are lots and lots of ways to make $$ when you’re 15.
obviously selling drugs and prostituting should NOT be on the list!!